#1 MOST Commented AUDI POST

To the community managers of @MichelinUSA, @Pirelli, and @FirestoneTires — sorry not sorry.


Tag a tire company and don’t say anything. #WantAnR8

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1.6 million organic views in 24 hours. Audi's first vertical Facebook video. A pun.


RACE THRough Time

How do you get regular people excited about Audi's motorsports history?

By turning ten hours of archived racing footage into an insane three-minute long Instagram story.

Fan-Inspired Art with Camilo Pardo

Celebrate Audi fans: check.

Create what is likely the world's largest Instagram post: check.

Meet wickedly-drunk car-designer-guy in tennis goggles: check.


Art Directored by Kyle Johnson, Justin Hargraves, Paul Domingo

Creative Directed by Adam Ledbury, Guy Lemburg

Group Creative Directed by Joel Kaplan